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Daily Health Screening

All students, parents, and visitors MUST complete NYC DOE Health Screening BEFORE entering our building.


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Principal Mitchell's Educational Philosophy

  1. I believe in seeing the potential of children.
  2. I believe that, despite life’s circumstances, every child can learn.
  3. I strongly believe that every child is entitled to a high quality education.
  4. Children must be provided with opportunities to be active participants in the learning process-instead of remaining passive recipients.
  5. As educators, our role is to have children ask questions, explore, and assess what they know and incorporate their experiences in instruction so that they are able to construct meaning and understanding of the world in which they live, a world which is culturally diverse and technologically advanced.
  6. It is our responsibility to educate children in an environment which is safe, clean and structured.
  7. In order for students to be successful learners, they need to have teachers who set high expectations and standards for all students.
  8. Teachers must be provided with ongoing training and support so that they can flourish in their professional growth.
  9. We must cultivate a school climate which believes in the important role of the students’ families and must continuously strive to foster family engagement.
  10. All decisions must be evaluated to determine how they impact on the children and their education. If a decision will enhance their education, only then is it a worthwhile decision.

2020-2021 School Wide (CEP) WIGs (Wildly Important Goals)

English Language ArtsBy June 2021, there will be a 5% increase from 55% proficiency to 60% proficiency of all students as measured by the NYS ELA exam.

As a school, we will aim to:

  • enhance and build students’ academic and literary vocabulary
  • strengthen students’ composite skills (inferring, summarizing, making connection, etc.)

Mathematics:  By June 2021, there will be a 5% increase from 49% proficiency to 54% proficiency of all students as measured by the NYS Math exam.

As a school, we aim to:

  • improve problem-solving skills for attacking multi-step math task
  • build students conceptual understanding in math
  • make deep connections with math content

Chronic AbsenteeismBy June 2021, Chronic absenteeism for all students will decrease 6.1% from 20.7% to 14.6% based on the NYS Report Card.

  • We will use bi-weekly attendance meetings to develop tiered interventions across the school community and provide targeted interventions for students who are chronically absent.


TEACHERS: Remember to log into our PS 64Q NEST!

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Elizabeth Mitchell, Principal

82-01 101st Avenue
Queens, NY 11416

Tel:  718-845-8290
Fax:  718-848-0052