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Success Mentor Program

What is a Success Mentor?

Success Mentors will help students be an H.E.R.O- Here Every day Ready and On time. They will help our students increase their attendance percentage.

-Research shows that chronically absent students who have been assigned a Success Mentor gain, on average, 13 more additional days of school compared to the year prior. The significant jump helps students exit chronic absenteeism. Students who attend school regularly and are not chronically absent are more likely to have higher GPAs, more likely to attend college, and feel more connected to their school community.

To learn more about how a success mentor can help your family contact Ms. Appiah, Guidance Counselor or Ms. Reyes, Parent Coordinator.

Intent to move form

If you are planning to move please fill out the following form and or call the school to notify us of this change. 718-845-8290

The Importance Of School Attendance Video (English)

Attendance Policy

In order to ensure a productive and successful year for all our students, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with basic information about attendance procedures at our school. Good attendance is critical to academic success. If a student is not present regularly in all their scheduled classes they risk failure, and lack of promotion to the next grade. It is also a New York State Education Department requirement that all school-age children attend school regularly. NYS holds parents responsible for their children’s attendance, and legal prosecution can result if parents are non-compliant with this law. Our goal is that each student will participate daily by being a HERO- Here Every day Ready to learn and On Time. If an absence is truly unavoidable, we request that written documentation always be provided.

*In Person: Student is physically present in the classroom/school learning environment for instruction during the scheduled school day.

*Remote: Student is virtually present for synchronous or asynchronous instruction due to quarantine, election day or a snow day.

Absences from School

In the best interests of the student, absences should be kept to a minimum. Parents are encouraged to plan vacations in accordance with school vacations and to schedule doctor appointments either before or after school hours.

If a student is out sick and is seen by a doctor, parent should submit a note from the doctor describing the illness and the date the child can return to school. Otherwise, a note should be submitted by the parent including an explanation for the absence and a current daytime telephone number for the parent.

If a student is going to be absent from school for 5 days or more, the parent MUST: contact school via phone or email immediately provide copies of airline ticket receipts if travelling Vacations during school instruction are considered an illegal absence.

If a student is moving, the parent MUST contact the school immediately to give a new address, update your contact information, and fill out a discharge form. Failure to do so will trigger an investigation.

  • Excessive Absence/Truancy An attendance rate of 90% or higher is the goal for all students.
  • Students who are excessively absent are in danger of repeating that grade.
  • Students who are excessively absent from school run the risk of having a truancy case opened in their name.
  • Five consecutive days of absence will automatically open a truancy case (407 investigation)
  • If a 407 opens up due to excessive absences, the school must begin an active investigation to determine reasons for the absences.

Leaving School Early

Unless it is an unforeseen emergency, students should not be picked up early. Not only are they missing instruction time, it causes disruption to the entire class and teacher. If a student must be picked up early, a written note must be submitted to the teacher stating the reason and time of pickup. All pickups should be before 1:45PM.

Change of Address/Telephone

Please submit proof of your new address or telephone number change via email. Acceptable proof includes utility bills from the gas or electric company, a lease, a cable bill, and other various documents. Please call us to inquire whether, or not, your proof will be acceptable. YOUR ADDRESS WILL NOT BE CHANGED BY JUST COMPLETING A NEW EMERGENCY CARD.

Suggestions for Parents

  • Check school’s website for school/student schedules. 
  • Schedule family vacations around the school calendar. 
  • Try to schedule all appointments either before or after school. 
  • Keep careful track of all your child’s known absences from school. 
  • Please respond promptly to telephone calls from the school. 
  • Always provide the school with your current work and home telephone numbers, and with the number of an emergency contact person.
  • Immediately inform the school of any changes in your telephone number or address. Proof is required for any address change.
  • Always attend Parent/Teacher Conferences  Check with your child’s teacher in reference to work/assignments and other academic needs.
  • Always have a copy of your child’s NYC Student ID number and current class schedule at hand.
  • During virtual instruction please make sure that students are fully dressed and ready to learn

*Please ensure that students are picked up in a timely manner at the end of the school day.

Arrival times are as follows:

Breakfast Program: 7:15 AM- 7:45 AM

3K & Pre-K 8:00 AM

Grades K & 1 8:00 AM

Grades 2 & 3 8:00 AM

Grades 4 & 5 8:00 AM

Late Student Procedure

  • All students will be marked late if they arrive at 8:10 AM or later 
  • All students will be required to receive a tardy slip before reporting to their classroom. 

Dismissal times are as follows:

3K & Pre-K 2:10 PM

Grades K & 1 2:10 PM

Grades 2 & 3 2:10 PM

Grades 4 & 5 2:20 PM

Please contact the school with any questions.


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